Height adjustable for casters and glides

The problem, usually a rocking table, is typically solved by using an unsightly drink coaster to steady the table. Now, a height adjustable fixing offers the perfect solution. 

Gross Stabil has registered an innovative feature of this height adjustable fixing for patent: it's integrated safety locking ring. With conventional height adjusters, the fastening bolt can be screwed out until the last thread without the end user even noticing it, often causing damage. Gross Stabil's locking ring prevents the fixing in the table leg or furniture foot from being screwed out too far. The user notices an increased torque that prevents them from turning any further, thus preventing any possible damage.

Moreover, since the locking ring continues over the thread cuts when screwing in, it allows for an assembly that is simple and cost-effective. The height adjustment incorporates a knurled nut, making it easy to adjust the fixing's height by hand without needing any special tools.